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Walk of Life | Thukral & Tagra

November 15, 2016 10:59 am –January 28, 2017 5:59 pm
Location: The Fed Galleries
Photo of gallery patrons playing board games designed by the artists

Walk of Life | Thukral & Tagra

Curator's Statement
Thukral & Tagra blur the lines between fine art and popular culture, product placement and exhibition design, artistic inspiration and media hype. Their collaborative works comment on the globalization of consumer culture and the repercussions of this transition as it is being experienced in India today.

While both playful and humorous, their works express thoughtful questions about the nature and value of Indian identity as it is both articulated by Indians themselves and projected onto India by the rest of the world.

Walk of Life: Version 1
The Walk of Life game is built upon the ancient Indian game called Ganjifa, originally played with a set of 120 cards, the artists have turned it into a board game that depicts Dushavatar, the ten earthly incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu. The avatars can also be considered as the evolution of mankind: from fish, to reptile, to mammal, to human, to deity.

Through the course of the game the players encounter various blessings and curses alongside making their own good and bad choices which account for their future in the game.

Walk of Life: Version 2:
The game is played in the kali yuga, the most evil and decadent of all yugas. Based on the idea of water conservation Walk of Life Version 2 is a journey through the kali yuga dealing with real events of today's time.

Water has been used to symbolize 'life' throughout. The game is based on 12 rounds of collective decision making between the players in order to conserve as much water in the finite collective reservoir as possible in order to win the game.

The game is mirrored around today's society and aims to impart knowledge about our limited resources of water and bringing about effective steps to save the world. It involves individual and collective decision-making replicating the way a community works. The narrative through the game brought about through karmas that are given to players in the form of cards based on chance is based on real life events and situations making it relatable for the players.

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Exhibition support provided by Recco Products - Laura Cooper and Jyoti Kataria.
Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations to participate should contact the KCAD President's Office at 616.451.2787 x1150 at least 72 hours in advance.