Dow Center FLEXlab

Bring your ideas from sketches to fruition in our on-campus digital fabrication facility. 

The Dow Center FLEXlab is an open-access lab where KCAD students and alumni can learn how to use digital fabrication processes. Offering open access to 3D scanning, laser engraving and cutting, vinyl cutting, large format inkjet printing, and 3D printing, FLEXlab is a powerful resource for prototyping and single-run production. 

The lab has full-time staff oversight and student techs to support almost any project. FLEXlab is available during lab hours and is subject to change with KCAD building hours, campus closures, staffing needs and other unforeseen circumstances. 

FLEXlab Hours - Summer 2024

Tuesdays: 11am - 5pm
Wednesdays: 11am - 5pm
Thursdays: 11am - 5pm
Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays: CLOSED

FLEXlab Access

The mission of FLEXlab is to support KCAD/Ferris State University students as they learn about and integrate digital fabrication technologies in their creative practices. While we don’t generally question students about the course/assignment a project is being made to satisfy, we reserve the right to limit any FLEXlab service to course work only at any time.


Tools and Work Areas

A woman using a 3d printer
A man ata computer next to a large laser cutter
A woman browsing a rack full of colorful tubes
Two people standing over a desk
A woman wearing a VR headset
A laser cutter
3D printers
A man watches a large print emerge from an inkjet printer
A man sits at a desk with a digital model on a computer screen
A woman examining plastic figurines
A woman pressing a button on a touch screen interface

Work Examples

Green bracelet shaped like a snake's jaws
3D printed necklace that looks like a spinal cord
3D-printed circle
3D printed cityscape
A group of 3D printed bracelets
3D printed comb
3D printed bracelet on the wrist of a woman with tattoo arms
3D printed circle
3D printed blob
3D printed shovel
Collection of 3d printed objects in a glass case
Collection of 3d printed objects in a glass case
Collection of 3d printed objects in a glass case
Collection of 3d printed objects in a glass case



FLEXlab offers access to a variety of software to prepare your designs. These tools are available in the lab on our Mac Pro workstations or for download on student's personal devices. Our staff are available to assist students with troubleshooting—just drop by to make an appointment. 



Links For Students

Where is FLEXlab?

1st Floor, Woodbridge N. Ferris Building
17 Pearl St. NW

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