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Annual Giving

Support Student Success 
with the Gift of Scholarship

Donor-supported scholarships make it possible for KCAD to better bridge the gap and reduce barriers for students seeking a KCAD degree today and into the future. All gifts, whether large or small, have the ability to create this lasting positive impact.

Three Ways to
Show Your Support

  1. Give a gift of any size to support the continued growth of KCAD’s General Scholarship Endowment. All gifts in support of this fund given between August 2018 and July 2019 will be matched dollar-for-dollar through the Ferris Futures Scholarship Challenge, doubling the impact of your support.
  2. Your gift of $1,000 or more can help build the established KCAD Endowment of your choice (see "Established Endowments" to the right). Gifts of $1,000 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar through the Ferris Futures Scholarship Challenge, now through June 2022.
  3. Pledge a gift of $12,500 or more, to be paid before June of 2022, to create a new scholarship endowment at KCAD. Gifts made toward pledges of $12,500 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar through the Ferris Futures Scholarship Challenge and result in a named endowment at KCAD.

Please note: Kendall College of Art and Design is a part of Ferris State University. All gifts donated to KCAD are processed through the Ferris Foundation for tax acknowledgement.

KCAD Established Endowments

  • Allesee Metals/Jewelry Endowed Scholarship (Metals & Jewelry Design)
  • The Berkowicz and Easley Scholarship Endowment for Students with Disabilities (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)
  • Brian Rizzi Endowed Scholarship (Metals & Jewelry Design)
  • Bruce E. Mulder Furniture Design Scholarship Endowment (Furniture Design)
  • Dirk Hoffius Scholarship Endowment (All Undergraduate Majors)
  • Friends of Michigan State Fair Endowed Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)
  • Grand Rapids Furniture Designers Endowed Scholarship (Furniture Design)
  • Industrial Design Endowed Scholarship (Industrial Design)
  • Jan G. Vonk Endowed Scholarship (Graphic Design)
  • KCAD General Scholarship Endowment (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)
  • KCAD MArch Formation Scholarship Endowment (MArch)
  • The Joe Withers Endowed Scholarship (Furniture, Industrial and Interior Design)
  • The Joe Withers Endowed Award (Furniture, Industrial and Interior Design)
  • J.R. Newton Scholarship Endowment (Industrial Design)
  • The Mathias Alten Legacy Endowed Award (All Undergraduate Majors)
  • Michelle Anne Bellavance Scholarship Endowment (All Undergraduate Majors)
  • Oliver H. Evans Endowed Award (Undergraduate Study Away)
  • Robert Bergelin Endowed Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)
  • T.J. Amick Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Furniture Design)
  • Tim Roberts Endowed Scholarship (Furniture Design)
  • The TowerPinkster Interior Design Endowed Scholarship (Interior Design)
  • Trent Eekhoff Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • VanSteenberg Endowed Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)
Visit KCAD Donor Supported Scholarships for more information.