Food Service Options

Food Service Options at GRCC

KCAD students can take advantage of food service options at nearby Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), which is right up the road from KCAD and features several restaurants and cafés with a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Students also have the option of signing up for a GRCC Raider Card*, which enables the student, a parent, or other designated person to load funds onto the card for sole use at GRCC dining facilities. 

To sign up for a GRCC Raider Card, complete the Raider Card sign-up form and bring it to the KCAD Student Services Office (7th floor, 17 Fountain St. NW building).

*Please note: this GRCC Raider Card cannot be used for parking services. The GRCC Raider Card is not required to make purchases at campus dining.