Easy to get around

Live, learn, work, relax. All within walking distance.

Great Commute

While it may take you a long time to get from A to B in other cities, Grand Rapids has an average commute of only 23 minutes. Can't beat that!

Take a Walk

Grand Rapids has many great trails and parks. Take a walk by the river or stroll by the historic homes of Heritage Hill. Pack a picnic. There are lots of things to see.

Bike Friendly

Bus Service

The Rapid is a safe, clean (it's green!), and convenient transportation service provided in Grand Rapids. You can even take your bike along. Don't forget, all KCAD students receive a FREE* bus pass that can be used on all Rapid buses. Get your pass in the Activities & Resource Center.

In addition, Greyhound buses depart from the new Central Station terminal.

*Bus pass is free after a $3 activation fee

Gerald R. Ford International Airport

The Gerald R. Ford International Aiport is just 12 miles from downtown Grand Rapids and offers air transportation to a majority of national and Canadian metropolitan areas.

Daily Amtrak Service

The Grand Rapids Amtrak Station is just one mile from downtown Grand Rapids and offers daily service between Grand Rapids and Chicago.

Boats, too