KCAD Student Housing Options

KCAD students have options when it comes to housing. Learn more below:

Live Locally (Grand Rapids)

KCAD's urban campus is surrounded by safe, accessible, and conveniently located residential neighborhoods that offer a variety of apartment and sublet rental options. Many students choose to live—often together—in spacious rental properties located in the city's historical Heritage Hill district, less than a mile from KCAD, while others live further out, commuting to campus via car or finding housing near a vast network of dedicated bus routes that offer reliable and affordable transportation to the downtown area. KCAD students currently receive city bus rides for free (only incurring a small one-time fee when the card is issued – for $3.00).

Students who live in or near the downtown area also experience a vibrant community filled with cultural institutions, concert venues, movie theaters, restaurants, and more. A dining plan is also available for students living in Grand Rapids through a collaboration with nearby Grand Rapids Community College, which is right up the road from KCAD.

Learn more about living locally in Grand Rapids

Living at Ferris State University (Big Rapids)

Incoming KCAD freshmen may select to live on Ferris State University’s campus in Big Rapids, MI (55 miles north of KCAD’s campus) to pursue a semi-traditional first-year experience by living alongside other college students in residential housing. Students will be able to enjoy all of the convenience, security, meal plan options, and other amenities on-campus housing has to offer, while still being immersed in KCAD’s supportive creative community.

Commuting to KCAD’s campus can be achieved either by riding the wi-fi enabled Ferris State Express, Route 100 through The Rapid that makes four runs daily, Monday through Friday OR students can drive themselves, keeping a personal vehicle at Ferris State University and traveling to KCAD. Note, KCAD does not have student parking on-campus so additional costs need to be considered for parking in Grand Rapids.

Who is this option for?

  • Incoming KCAD freshmen without incoming transfer credits.
  • Students entering KCAD for the 2022/2023 academic year.
  • Students commuting via the Ferris State Express bus must have their course schedules coordinated to fit within the fixed bus route that travels between campuses. (Courses must be scheduled between 10am – 4:50pm at KCAD, Monday through Friday).

This option may be available on a case-by-case basis for individuals that do not meet the criteria above but is not guaranteed.

Email Ferris Housing for more information.

Learn more about Ferris State University Housing.

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