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Looking for a Roommate?

Connect with other KCAD students looking for housing by joining the KCAD Housing Group on Facebook. This private group affords you a secure environment* to post, respond to, or seek further information on housing opportunities alongside your fellow students.

*For every request made to join the KCAD Housing Group, we confirm that the person requesting is a KCAD applicant, current student, alumni, or employee. Requests made using names other than your legal name may be denied.

Housing Information Resources

Complexes, Associations, and Management Companies

Housing Search Resources


Subsidized Housing Options

Some properties have specific requirements regarding income and student status to qualify. For more information and resources, refer to the websites listed below.


Finding Bus Routes

KCAD students currently receive city bus rides for free (only incurring a small one-time fee when the card is issued – for $3.00). Use the Trip Planner and Nearest Stop features on The Rapid homepage to see how you can use The Rapid to travel between KCAD and any housing option you might be considering, and learn more about using The Rapid via the links below:


For those looking to commute to KCAD via car, a variety of paid parking options are available in the downtown area near our campus. Click here to learn more.

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) provides this content for the convenience of its students, faculty, and staff. KCAD makes no representations about the truth or accuracy of the information on outside pages, nor does it make any representations as to the habitability or quality of the housing properties listed. Each individual user should check out the housing unit and potential roommate for themselves prior to entering into a rental agreement. Please use your discretion in using this resource.

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