Support Resources

Information to help support students inside and outside the classroom.

Support Resources



Tips for Successful Learning

Growth Mindset

A mindset influences one's approach to learning and having a growth mindset can open up opportunities for lifelong learning. Click here to learn how you can develop a growth mindset.

Student Learning Assistance

Students have access to Learning Centers and individual tutoring throughout the academic year. Learning Centers operate on a drop in basis during open hours. Individual tutoring requires students to request a tutor through the Activities and Resource Center and is provided for most General Education courses.


Meal Planning Tips

Healthy eating is important to student success inside and outside the classroom. We know that students have a variety of dietary needs and budgets to consider. In an effort to help students plan what is best for them, we have developed a list of tips. Click here to read some meal planning tips.

Food Insecurity

The Stash is a free food and lcothing resource available for any KCAD student in need. There is no income limit and students can access the space as needed. The Stash is in the Student Services area on the 7th floor of the 17 Fountain St. NW building. 


KCAD has bathrooms on every floor in both the 17 Fountain St. NW and Woodbridge N. Ferris buildings. There are two locations for single stall bathrooms. One is on the 7th floor of the 17 Fountain St. NW building in the hallway between the Administrative Offices and the Student Services office. The second location is in the Activities and Resource Center and is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Student Conduct

The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to enhance student learning, personal development, and a student's role as a responsible citizen in an ethical community that is conducive to and focused on academic and personal success. Click here to access the Code of Student Community Standards.

Faculty Office Hours

Office hours are a scheduled block of time when full time faculty are available in their offices. If students have questions, are having difficulty with a class project, or need to talk about a class, students can visit faculty during these hours. The hours are typically listed on the syllabus and outside of the faculty office. Only full time faculty members offer office hours. If students have a class with a faculty member that is not full time they should talk with them during class. If students are having difficulty with that option, seek out the program chair. The program chair is a designated full time faculty member for a program. Click here to find contact information for a faculty member.

KCAD Mentor Program

The mentor program is for students who would like to meet with an upper level student to get helpful tips. The KCAD mentors schedule weekly meetings to share important information and have fun conversation. This is a free program that is open to all new KCAD students.

Click here to read more about the KCAD Mentor Program.

Click here to access the KCAD Mentor Program Application.

Labs, Workshops and More

KCAD students have access to a plethora of resources. To learn more about resources available on the KCAD campus, visit the Facilities Highlights page.

Early Alert

KCAD has an early intervention system in place. Members of the KCAD community can identify individuals who are at risk of not doing well in school or who are in need of additional financial, academic or behavioral support. The group who receives this information will follow-up with the reporter, assess the situation and work with the concerned party regarding a plan for remediation. The KCAD community should send concerns to [email protected]. This is not to be used for emergency situations. Click here for more details regarding early alert at KCAD.

Concerned Student

KCAD has a Behavioral Review Team (BRT) to provide a forum for faculty, staff and students who want to report concerning behavior of any person within the KCAD community who exhibits signs of distress or behavior that could result in harm to self or others. Click here for more detailed information regarding reporting concerns of students.

Title IX

Ferris State University does not tolerate sexual violence in any form. The University has a Policy on Nondiscrimination that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex including sexual violence and other conduct prohibited by Title IX. Access the policy on nondiscrimination here. The university also has information regarding Title IX on the website. Click here for more information on Title IX.