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NOTICE: Campus Tours Suspended During May 2024

Due to multiple extensive City of Grand Rapids road construction projects happening in the immediate area around the KCAD campus, we have made the decision to suspend campus tours for the month of May. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the KCAD Admissions team at [email protected] or 616.259.1118.

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Undergraduate Student Tours

Register for one of our upcoming guided tours and get an in-depth view of the campus and the resources available to our students. Come on your own or bring a friend or parent. Don't see a time slot that works for you? Check back soon! Tours are added to the calendar on a rolling basis. 


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Graduate Student Tours

Interested in continuing your creative education at the graduate level? Come see for yourself how KCAD's immersive learning environment can deepen your practice and fuel your growth. To schedule a tour, please contact our Admissions team at [email protected] or 616.259.1148.


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Group Tours

Are you a teacher or organization leader interested in scheduling a tour for a group of students? Register for an expansive guided walking tour featuring info about the admissions process, program offerings, scholarship opportunities, and more while exploring our campus.



Other Ways to Explore

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Admissions Events

KCAD Admissions hosts special events on campus throughout the year geared toward prospective students and their families

See upcoming events

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Facilities Highlights

Get a closer look at the wealth of resources that power KCAD's creative community—right from the comfort of home. 


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Student Work Gallery

KCAD students are creating amazing things! Browse by program to see the work you're most interested in. 

View Student Work

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