If you want to make things that make the world better, you belong here.

Collage of students working on art and design

KCAD connects you and your creativity to something bigger than yourself. Our hands-on degree programs and close-knit campus community transform your passion for making into a marketable skill set—and from there, a dynamic career.

What makes a KCAD education different?


KCAD emphasizes small class sizes and one-on-one interaction, which means our expert faculty are more than teachers—they’re mentors. 


KCAD’s career-oriented programs build vital creative problem-solving and communication skills that employers in every industry are looking for in their next hire.


More than just a degree, students graduate from KCAD with 21st-century skills, industry connections, and a strong creative portfolio that will propel them forward. 


At KCAD, students learn by doing through hands-on experiences, industry interactions, collaborative real-world projects, and community engagement.


Located in the heart of creative-centric Grand Rapids, the KCAD campus is powered by the same tools and cutting-edge technologies the pros use. 


Where can a KCAD degree take you?

Alyssa Menold
('13, BFA Illustration)

Freelance Illustrator

What's life like for a freelance illustrator specializing in creating artwork for tabletop games? Alyssa Menold recounts her journey post-KCAD—from roaming conventions trying to get her foot in the door to watching the cast of Stranger Things playing with Dungeons and Dragons stuff she created. And in-between, she takes us inside her process and offers some sage advice to those looking to make the most of their creativity.

Yanxin Chen
('05, BFA Furniture Design)

Owner, C Yanxin Designs

At KCAD, Yanxin Chen program and soaking up every experience that came his way, from immersion in the rich history of the craft to industry connections that opened up invaluable internship and employment opportunities. Now, as the creative force behind C Yanxin Designs, Yanxin is one of the foremost furniture designers working in the industry today, and he's continually pushing toward what's next.

Lauren Copping
('18, BFA Interior Design)

Owner, Mont Design

When COVID-19 stranded Lauren Copping in Bali, she had two choices: put her creative career plans on hold or adapt. With her unique company, Mont Design, Lauren is embracing a nomadic approach to work/life balance and building a thriving full-service remote interior design firm that meets clients where they are, no matter what part of the world they (or she) happen to be in.