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12 Students to Represent KCAD in Society of Illustrators Scholarship Competition

Posted February 28, 2014 in StudentIllustration

The jury is in, and 12 students will proudly represent KCAD in the annual Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition. Of the 48 schools represented, only 6 have more artists involved in this nationally renowned event.

Hard work, planning, and a whole lot of talent in KCAD’s Illustration program culminated in a record number of KCAD student entries. According to professor Lisa Ambrose, the program normally sees around 40 students submitting work, with an average of 2-5 actually gaining admission. This year, however, illustration instructors redoubled their motivational efforts and were able to encourage an astonishing 94 students to submit a total of 416 works of art for consideration.

The accepted illustrations will now be framed and shipped to the Society of Illustrators in preparation for a gallery show to be held at the Museum of American Illustration in New York City from May 7 – May 31.  The scholarships will be awarded once all the work for the show has arrived.  

The following twelve students (and their illustrations) deserve recognition for this tremendous accomplishment!

Steven Adams - Pretty Pretty

Devon Daugherty - End of the Lane

Mark Fettig - Cathedral Head and Zombie Snacks (top to bottom)

Mackenzie Goss - Under the Mask

Erica Hansen - Untitled

Haley Hungerford - Ni Sentas Konekteco

Alexandra Johnson - When I'm Down You're Up

Tim Kleyn - Beach

Michael McClellan - A Wild Dance

Bridgette McGee - Atticus

Tyler Space - Exhale

Samantha Stutzman - The Country and Light the Way (top to bottom)