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Alumni Exhibiting in Shows

Posted March 2, 2011 in Alumni

BiLan Liao (MFA ‚??08) is participating in the exhibition ‚??Emerging Artists‚?Ě on display through March 18 in University of Indianapolis Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center Gallery. The exhibition includes three to five pieces from each artist in such media as charcoal pencil, oil painting, encaustic painting and mixed media. Liao teaches at Paducah School of Art in Paducah, Kentucky. Her work is found in numerous collections.

Scott Rice (Illustration ‚??92) has been a faculty member for Kirtland Community College‚??s Art Department and is responsible for all the beginning and advanced courses in drawing, painting, watercolors, illustration, portfolio and art history. He is also the featured artist at the Kirtland Warbler Wildlife Festival, held annually on the third Saturday in May, at Kirtland Community College.