Alumni Profile: Aaron Porter (BFA Collaborative Design)

Posted September 17, 2018 in Collaborative Deisgn, Alumni

Man in patterned shirt stares confidently into the camera while sitting on a stool

AARON PORTER Freelance Designer Grand Rapids, MI ('16, BFA Collaborative Design)

“The first design-focused class I was enrolled in at KCAD challenged me to think in ways that I hadn’t before. The projects we worked on completely reframed the way I approached design; they taught me that design began by identifying a problem to solve, and that only by truly focusing on the user could a solution be found. This class was a foundation, and I’m still using it every day as a freelance designer. 

For me, choosing a school came down to the people I met at each place I visited. When I was touring and exploring KCAD, every person I encountered—admissions representatives, administration, faculty—treated me like an individual and was genuinely concerned with my success. From these encounters, I knew that if I attended KCAD, the people that would influence me over the next four years had my future at the forefront of their mission. After a formative and important four years of my life, I know that KCAD was the right choice.”

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