Alumni Profile: Athena Anger (BFA Fashion Studies)

Posted September 24, 2018 in Fashion Studies, Alumni

Woman hunched over a desk sketching

ATHENA ANGER Color and Materials Designer Kaleidoscope, Ford Motor Company Dearborn, MI ('15, BFA Fashion Studies)

“I knew I wanted to study fashion, and I chose KCAD’s Fashion Studies program because of the small classes, the personal connections with faculty, and the opportunity to study in New York, which I did. KCAD taught me to trust my instincts and speak up for my ideas. I believe true design starts with taking a stand ethically in terms of how and where something is made, and how those making it are treated.

Now, I’m putting my work ethic and design skills to work in a unique position in the automotive industry. I’m meeting with suppliers to explore new materials and technologies, and I’m researching trends to understand what automotive interiors will look like in the future. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

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