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Alumni Profile: Darius Baldwin (BFA Art Education)

Posted August 8, 2018 in AlumniArt Education

Man standing in front of a concrete wall with his arms folded

Visual Arts Teacher
Gwynn Park High School 
Brandywine, MD
('16, BFA Art Education)

“KCAD helped me realize that one of the most valuable things in life is an understanding of self. Preparing projects and juggling deadlines while saving enough time to have fun teaches you about your personal process. You learn what sparks your creativity and what internal roadblocks you typically encounter.

As you progress in your program, this knowledge of self allows you to grow more efficient. It’s a beautiful process. Working with my students is hands down my favorite aspect of being a high school art teacher. My students are on the cusp of adulthood. It’s a tremendous privilege and responsibility to guide these young minds during this transitional time in their lives.”

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