Alumni Profile: Heather Seto (BFA Furniture Design)

Posted October 23, 2018 in Alumni, Product Design

Woman staring concentratedly at a drafting table as she uses a ruler to draw a straight line on a design

HEATHER SETO Furniture Designer Seto Studio Vancouver, Canada (’16, BFA Furniture Design)

“It sounds rather simple and linear, but KCAD trained my eye to identify good design. For one, the Furniture Design program’s emphasis on historical context taught me how critical it is to understand the progression of furniture in order to design for the future. My introductory 3D Design class, on the other hand, challenged me to prove that my forward-thinking ideas were grounded in well-executed, meaningful, and tangible solutions.

Now, as a professional designer, I love being part of a project from start to finish. There’s a great sense of fulfillment in the narrative that emerges. A design begins as just a sketch, but it ends up as a real product that people can see, feel, and buy. I am still as much in awe of the design process now as when I was first learning it at KCAD.”

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