Alumni Profile: Kyle Sharkey (BFA Drawing)

Posted September 5, 2018 in Drawing, Alumni

Man with glasses strikes a serious pose and stares meaningfully into the camera KYLE SHARKEY Professional Fine Artist Detroit, MI ('14, BFA Drawing)

“I had always wanted to attend KCAD, but being from a small town, I thought it was out of reach. What I found in my time in the Drawing program, though, is that adversity and struggle should be celebrated in one’s studio practice, because that’s the exact moment where the most interesting work will be produced.

Now, as a working artist, I constantly observe and experience the world, and am always thinking of new ways to make work that illuminates my position in it. I build relationships with all kinds of people and am never afraid of going way outside my comfort zone. Say yes to every project, exhibition, commission, and teaching opportunity, because you never know what will come out of those experiences and networks.”

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