Alumni Profile: Rebecca DeGroot (BFA Sculpture and Functional Art; BFA Art Education)

Posted August 8, 2018 in Alumni, Art Education, Sculpture and Functional Art

Woman siting at a table in a woodshop

REBECCA DEGROOT Visual Arts Teacher MacArthur Douglas Senior High School Houston, TX ('14, BFA Sculpture and Functional Art; '14, BFA Art Education) “As a double major in Art Education and Sculpture and Functional Art, I took hands-on classes at KCAD that prepared me to succeed as a teacher and as an artist. In my functional art classes, I saw that even though we were all given the same assignment, the results from the different students were incredibly diverse. That observation helped shape my educational philosophy for my own classroom.

When I started at KCAD, my goal was to become an art teacher who continues to create art. I love inspiring my students by introducing them to the professional side of art. Since graduating, I have been part of many professional woodworking organizations, shows, and demonstrations, and my students are curious about that. Being able to show them that art goes beyond the classroom has been very rewarding.”

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