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Art Education Locally, Regionally and Nationally

At the GRAM

Kendall's Art Education Program is partnering with the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) and the Grand Rapids Public Schools to provide art and literacy professional development to all third grade art and classroom teachers, as well as third grade students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Young students will begin their art projects at the GRAM, then complete them in their classrooms. Teachers will transport the third-graders‚?? work back to the museum for display and a public art reception.

GRAM Education Department internships were offered to Kendall Art Education majors Christopher Bruce and Rena Busuttil, who have created written gallery materials for educational field trips. The family fun materials and displays they also created were featured in local newscasts.

Art Education Student Group

The Art Education Student Group has logged over one hundred volunteer hours at Kids Food Basket, and has conducted charity t-shirt sales earning well over $1,000 for various other groups. This year, Art Education students will participate for the fourth year in Arts Jam, where they will donate 26 works of art for silent auction benefiting Grand Rapids Public School's art programs.

Professor Cindy Todd earns PhD.

Art Education Program Chair Professor Cindy Todd recently completed her PhD. She is also the newly elected president of the Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA). She has presented multiple sessions at both the Michigan and National Art Education Association (NAEA) conferences for the past few years, and has provided professional development for teachers at many public schools and Intermediate School Districts across the state.

Second Look

Ana Cordona, Arts Consultant for the Michigan State Board of Education, invited Cindy Todd and Rena Busuttil to participate in the Michigan Second Look Project, re-evaluating and rewriting the official state standards, benchmarks and GLCEs for art education.


Kendall students Sarah Sciba and Rena Busuttil are the MAEA Student Representatives for the second year. Student chapter officers Michelle Reile, Rena Busuttil, Christopher Bruce and Stephanie Villarreal all presented at the MAEA conference for the second year. Rena was selected as the Student Outreach Coordinator for the Pacific Region, and Christopher is training to become the Co-Chair of the Governor's Traveling (Art) Show. Rena and Chris presented a session, ‚??Art & Literacy: The Brain Connection‚?Ě at the April NAEA conference.