ArtPrize and KCAD Announce a New Student Internship Program

Posted April 27, 2018 in Public, ArtPrize, Student

ArtPrize, the independently organized art competition recognized as one of the world’s largest public art events, in collaboration with Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD), today announced a new Internship Program as part of ArtPrize 10. ArtPrize is seeking college students from across West Michigan who are eager to learn important leadership skills and gain professional experience within creative industries.

Celebrating 90 years as an innovator in art and design education, KCAD strives to cultivate a student-centered learning community that fuels the regional economy with creative leaders and critical thinkers who approach their work with a global perspective. Through the combined efforts of both organizations, students participating in the Internship Program will engage in experiential learning opportunities in visual arts, design, art education, and non-profit development.

Additionally, ArtPrize will connect these students to area and global leaders in the art and design industries, as well as national and international artists and venues, and local arts and cultural nonprofits.

“This program is a perfect example of how purposeful relationships can create transformational opportunities for an entire community. In addition to expanding their professional experience, selected students will also have the opportunity to positively influence an event that is actively contributing to the cultural landscape and critical conversations around the value of art and design,” said KCAD President Leslie Bellavance. “This collaboration not only demonstrates KCAD’s ongoing relationship with ArtPrize, but also advocates for the importance of paid professional development opportunities for all students as they pursue their educational goals.”

ArtPrize is dedicated to connecting young people to the arts through a variety of learning opportunities, helping to foster a sustainable future for the local and national arts communities. As a hub of creative community connections and with the support of KCAD, ArtPrize is uniquely positioned to provide degree seeking students with paid internship opportunities.

“This strategic partnership with KCAD is a great model for how ArtPrize endeavors to collaborate with community partners and funders now and into the future. A well-planned program ultimately elevates both of our goals and priorities beyond what we could do on our own,” commented Jori Bennett, ArtPrize’s Executive Director. “Our team has a wealth of experience and drive to shape and inform the future of young talented people in the region, and we are extremely excited for this program and collaboration with KCAD.”

Twelve paid intern positions will be underwritten by KCAD for the ArtPrize 10 season. Applications are now open and can be found at

ArtPrize will also share details with potential applicants during an informational open house at KCAD, Thursday, May 3rd from 5-6 p.m.