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Assistant Professor Exhibits in Newaygo

Posted March 17, 2011 in Faculty

Assistant Professor Gypsy Schindler‚??s exhibition ‚??Transparent‚?Ě opens March 29 at the Newaygo County Council for the Arts ‚??Artspace‚?Ě in Fremont, MI.

Schindler‚??s work focuses on the figure, using traditional mixed media processes of drawing and painting, while integrating non-traditional surfaces and installation presentations.

Regarding her exhibition, Schindler says, ‚??I am fascinated with transparency; transparency of material, image, process, information, ideas, emotions, people, family and society. It is a word that is often thrown around to provoke or produce righteous intention. However the concept is rarely, if ever, used and understood fully and consciously. This then begs the question: Are we or should we be, as human beings, capable of complete transparency?‚?Ě