Complete? Very Close!

Posted April 30, 2012 in Federal Building Updates

Final completion is very close. Cleaning and touch-up here and there are ongoing in preparation for furnishing the rooms with office furniture from many of Grand Rapids’ furniture companies.
A beautifully crafted custom railing graces the north steps and serves as a testament to the amazing efforts of everyone involved in the Federal Building project and a reminder that detail is everything.
Crafted Custom Railing
The fencing protecting the building is coming down and shortly, construction of a sculpture garden along the east side will begin.
Meanwhile, audio-visual equipment for classrooms and studios are being installed, finish flooring and building accessories are being completed, and final inspections and building systems are being tested and debugged.
Material ConneXion Room
The Material ConneXion room located on the 4th floor is complete. Natural light filters through lay lights and full height glass walls along the corridor create an open and inviting space.
2nd Floor Lecture Hall
The 2nd floor Lecture Hall restoration is finished and includes new and restored lighting, refinished floors and windows, and high-end Audio-Visual equipment.
Watch for upcoming events!