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Dual Enrollment Students’ Sign Design Selected

Posted April 29, 2010 in StudentPublic

Kendall dual Enrollment students James Broe and Haley Krause could have their work on public display for the next 50 years.

After looking into the cost of a new professionally designed and manufactured sign for Saugatuck's Oval Beach-Saugatuck Harbor Natural area entrance, the Saugatuck City Council turned to instructor Christa Wise's Dual Enrollment class at Saugatuck High School. On March 8, 2010, the students presented their ideas to the council, which chose the sign designed by Broe and Krause.

"I'm pretty proud of what they came up with," said Wise of the options the youths presented.

"It's a big decision," said Mayor Barry Johnson. "It [the sign] could be there for 50 years."

SHS industrial arts program students will build the new sign, which will be about eight feet long by six feet high, with materials purchased through a bequest from the late Sky Hempy.

"It's cool to be recognized in this manner," said Broe, a junior who plans to continue art studies after high school. "It will be a nice thing to mention when I apply to colleges."

Add's Krause, "We'll be able to see the sign at the beach for years and say, "Hey, we made that! – It's an honor for us."