Furniture Professor Quoted in Los Angeles Times Article

Posted March 11, 2010

Max Shangle, Professor and Chair of the Furniture Design program at Kendall, was recently quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Times. He stated that the scale of furniture has increased over the last decade ?? to suit both the size of homes and the size of their occupants.

??Americans ?? growing weight problem can be tracked by our furniture over time, ? Shangle says. ??Seat heights have risen as humans grow taller, and chairs have gotten cushier and made to support more weight. ?

For example, one chair design from 1933 had a seat that spanned 62.5 centimeters. Today, a similar chair is 68 centimeters wide and advertised to withstand up to 375 pounds.

Professor Shangle also tells us that furniture advertised for two can really be meant for one. He mentions a ??cozy ? mother-daughter chair also gets sold to overweight people as a chair intended for one.