Graduate to Exhibit Photographs

Posted December 20, 2010

Photographer Alice Gadzinski (Photography ??10/Studio Excellence Award winner) brings a campy look to the Shouldice Library Art Gallery at Lake Superior State University with her exhibit, ??Fancy That, ? which will be on display until Dec. 22.

The display is a collection of photographs portraying the artist as different "campy" characters.

"My current body of work discusses the fact that people are all similar," Gadzinski said. "Although judgments are passed, all people cut a commonality."

She uses herself to embody the characters, thus becoming "camp."

"The display idolizes people who miss the ideal social mold projected onto us, whether trying to reach it and failing or just not realizing that the mold exists," Gadzinski continued. "In these technological times, it is easier for individuality to become a pose, a display of what we would like to become, when in fact it is the real idiosyncrasies that become lost and covered up. My work pays homage to the true parts of all of us that don't fit the mold and can be seen as the opposite of ideal."

Gadzinski has been a featured artist of the Shouldice Gallery in the past. Her exhibition, "Miss Interpretation: A Colorful Look at Feminism," was on display in summer 2008. The display explored and poked fun at social stereotyping, and introduced a new idea of women. The theme of droll self-criticism is a commonality in much of Gadzinski ??s work.