Illustration Alumnus’  Work Opens Centennial Celebration

Posted July 23, 2010

Artist Charles LaRue's (Illustration â??82) â??Everyday Sanctuariesâ?� collection is on display in the Bruce and Mary Leep Art Gallery at the Postma Center on the main campus of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services of Grand Rapids, MI.

A longtime Pine Rest employee, LaRueâ??s exhibition kicks off a yearlong centennial celebration by the Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery focusing on staff members and their artistic work. His show signifies the restorative and comforting aspects of the everyday places in everyday environments. LaRue says, â??I tried to make compositions that provide greater meaning than what one would expect from a mere transcription of a scene into paint. â??Everyday Sanctuariesâ?? demonstrates that the sense of wonder and the profound can be experienced not only through a religious service, but also in the most humble settings.â?�

After graduation, LaRue straddled the commercial and fine arts fence, working in both approaches and garnering many competition awards. His work has been featured in numerous galleries and has traveled to various parts of the globe where it is in private, corporate and public collections.