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KCAD Showers ArtPrize 2013 With Gratitude

Posted September 20, 2013 in CampusArtPrize

Visitors to the main building of Kendall College of Art and Design’s (KCAD) campus at 17 Fountain NW are invited to participate in “Shower of Gratitude,” an installation that will be displayed in the building’s atrium for the duration of ArtPrize 2013. The installation is part of a special program designed to let K-12 students explore the concept of public art.

"Shower of Gratitude"

Through this week, hundreds of students will experience a unique presentation that introduces them to the tremendous visual possibilities of installation and the vast potential of art as a vehicle for communication and connection. Afterwards they will be given the opportunity to participate in the formation of “Shower of Gratitude” by writing something they’re grateful for on a paper ‘pocket’ and attaching it to one of the many white strings dangling from the roof near the atrium’s front window.

After the K-12 programs conclude, the installation will continue in hopes that ArtPrize viewers will help the installation grow in size and meaning.

“Our goal is to have over 1000 ‘pockets’ of gratitude hanging from the installation by the end of ArtPrize,” said Donna St. John, KCAD associate professor of Art Education, who helped to create the program and installation in collaboration with faculty members from the Art History and Drawing programs.

“The deep meaning of this project is to provide each of us the opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for. I hope that people will take a moment during this busy time to reflect and participate.”

Beyond carrying a deeply inspirational meaning, the installation provides viewers with a stimulating and immersive viewing experience.

Student walking through "Shower of Gratitude"

”You can also walk through the middle of this shower and be surrounded by gratitude,” said St. John.  “We are excited about the beauty of this installation and the life changing message it provides for each of us.”