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Kendall Announces New BFA in Collaborative Design

Posted August 31, 2010 in Academic Campus

The importance of collaboration between business and design is the basis of Kendall‚??s new and innovative undergraduate degree in Design Collaboration.

‚??The Design Collaboration degree really builds on strengths we already have,‚?Ě says Kendall Dean Max Shangle. ‚??Our Collaborative Design classes have been running for going on 10 years, with projects involving everything from pediatric cancer to Habitat for Humanity. But up until now, the best a student could do was minor in Collaborative Design. With this new degree, we can offer more classes, like Design Ethics, Materials Science, and even a class in Improvisational Theatre, which teaches students to think on their feet and positively build on each other‚??s ideas. Such courses are available to anyone who wants to take them, but are supported by this major.‚?Ě

The new degree will require majors to have a studio minor, so students will bring strong backgrounds in diverse disciplines to their Collaborative Design classes and carry knowledge from Collaborative Design courses back into other art and design disciplines. ‚??It raises the possibilities for all of the disciplines when you have that kind of a student, that kind of an education experience taking place here,‚?Ě says Shangle. ‚??It‚??s a department and it‚??s an institutional support that is very cool for Kendall and distinguishes it from most other design schools in the country.‚?Ě