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Kendall Grad Takes Second Place

Posted October 19, 2009

Kendall graduate Tracy VanDuinen (‚??89 Visual Communications), his brother Corey Van Duinen and creative partner Todd Osborne took home second place and a $100,000 prize in the first-ever ArtPrize competition.

A high school art teacher in Chicago, Tracy is a member of Chicago Public Art Group, which creates murals throughout the Chicago area.

The winning entry, entitled, ‚??Imagine That!‚?Ě is a permanent installation located on the exterior wall of the Grand Rapids Children‚??s Museum. It was created using a technique called bricolage, and took approximately 1,200 man-hours to complete. Over 300 area children contributed to the mural, from suggesting design elements to painting some of the thousands of tiles used to create the piece.