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Kendall Painting Club Assists Covell Elementary

Posted March 24, 2011 in Student

What can an art educator do when their school budget cuts only allows them to teach art in the fall semester of their school year? Kendall Painting Club to the rescue!

The Club visited Covell Elementary School in Grand Rapids on March 18 for an interactive painting demonstration with Covell students. The club created a paneled mural measuring 2 x 8' and prepared it for painting. Then they went to the classroom and worked with the elementary students, showing them how to mix and apply colors to complete small areas of the painting. At the end of the afternoon, the Painting Club donated the mural to the elementary school for permanent exhibition.

Kendall Painting Club students who participated include Kirbi Fagan, Rob Daniels, Tyler Carlisle, Chelsea Doyle, Chakila Hoskins, Conor Fagan, Alyssa Parsons, and Sam Bennes with faculty advisor Tom Post at Covell Elementary. Kate Yonker, Sandra Hansen, and Gabriela Amaya Barron assisted with the preparatory painting.