News Bites: Abstract Painting Students Create Collaborative Mural in Student Commons

Posted December 15, 2014 in News Bites, Painting

A new collaborative project undertaken by professor Jay Constantine’s Abstract Painting class has made one wall of KCAD’s Student Commons an arresting sight.

After combing the campus for interesting areas, Constantine and his students decided to create a mural in the Student Commons that utilized the principles and techniques of abstraction. Working within a grid-like structure, each student composed a painting in his or her own personal style. The final synthesis of their work, however, makes clear use of repetition as a unifying element.

According to Constantine, what made the project truly collaborative was the way in which students, and their respective pieces, interacted with one another throughout the entire process. “The students had to conceptualize the project through group discussion and consensus,” he said. “Many preparatory drawings were done before arriving at the final project.”

The resulting mural, then, is more than just a collection of individual paintings created under similar parameters; it’s a conversation that’s been developed over time, reflecting the unique perspectives, talents, and processes of each contributor.  

Jay Constantine and studentsJay Constantine (far right) and students pose next to the collaborative mural they created in the lower level of the Student Commons

But don’t take our word for it – see the mural for yourself on the lower level of the Student Commons!

Also – a special thanks goes out to local art-supply store Service Reproduction for donating the paint used for the project.