News Bites: Art History Professor s New Book Explores the Cultural Connectivity of Modern Paris

Posted May 19, 2015 in Art History, Faculty, News Bites

Art History professor Dr. Karen Carter has announced the publication of her new book, Foreign Artists and Communities in Modern Paris, 1870-1914: Strangers in Paradise.

Dr. Karen Carter

Co-edited by Carter and Dr. Susan Waller, this collection of scholarly essays examines Paris as a hotbed of international culture that attracted artists from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Americas during a period when global immigration began to flourish. Carter also co-authored the book’s introduction with Waller and wrote one of its chapters, an essay entitled, ‘Earning a living’ in the International Graphic Arts: the Académie Julian and the teaching of poster design and illustration, 1890-1914.

book by Karen Carter

Working over a number of years, Carter and Waller carefully curated and indexed 16 essays by emerging and established international scholars that explore the formal and informal structures that allowed artists to forge connections within and across national communities and in some cases fashion new, transnational identities in Paris. Together, the essays form a picture of Paris as a thriving transnational arts community in which the interactions between diverse cultures, peoples, and traditions contributed to the development of a hybrid and multivalent modern art.

Mark Antliff, a professor of Art History at Duke University, has called the book “a major contribution to art history and to the broader field of modernist studies. The essays throw new light on major artists … as well as understudied subjects, such as the evolving development of Catalan, Czech, Polish, American, and Japanese communities within metropolitan Paris. Additionally, the establishment of transnational Queer spaces, the early emergence of Jewish exile groups in response to Pogroms in Eastern Europe, and the economic role of the graphic arts and craft production among émigré communities are all analyzed with great acuity.”

For those interested in learning more, a copy of Foreign Artists and Communities in Modern Paris, 1870-1914: Strangers in Paradise is now available in the KCAD Library.