News Bites: Art, Science Collide in Drawing Assistant Professor s Iowa Artist Residency

Posted August 9, 2016 in News Bites, Drawing, Faculty

Scott Dickson, an Assistant Professor in the Drawing program at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD), spent two weeks this summer in a unique artist-in-residence program at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory.

The residency program is just one aspect of the large scientific and educational institution, created in 1909 by the state of Iowa. Its 147-acre campus is devoted mostly to ecological research, but also has space specifically set aside for visual artists, musicians, and other creatives who have an interest in the natural sciences, offering them an opportunity to connect with scientists in the course of their own artistic research.

Drawing professor Scott DicksonScott Dickson

Dickson attended lectures, field outings, artist talks, and open houses as a part of the program. In the studio he also had the chance to collaborate with others participating in the residency, including a composer, an installation artist, a photographer, and a performance artist.

Drawing professor Scott DicksonDickson networking with other artists at the residency. (image courtesy of Iowa Lakseside Laboratory)

“Ultimately, the experience planted the seeds of a new collection of drawings and collages that explore the passage of time and associated memories that occur in solitary engagements with the landscape,” says Dickson.

work by professor Scott DicksonTwo works Dickson created during his residency - (above): "In All Directions Our Choices Were Made" and (below): "Through the Surface We Saw Each Other" (images courtesy of the artist)work by professor Scott Dickson

Now that he’s back in Michigan and looking ahead to the fall semester, Dickson says he hopes to use his time at the Lakeside Lab to inspire his students to engage in all facets of their educational experience.

“I want to offer students a deeper understanding of how both an objective, scientific and subjective, artistic understanding of their studies at KCAD can ultimately provide a richer educational experience for them and a stronger potential for employment in their future,” he says.


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