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News Bites: Craft House Gallery Cooks Up a New Way to Buy and Sell Art with The Kitchen

Posted February 23, 2015 in AlumniNews BitesPhotographyPrintmakingMaster of Fine Arts

There’s a certain stigma that exists when it comes to buying and selling art; it often feels like an activity reserved for wealthy collectors. But local gallery and live/work space Craft House is exploring a different way of doing things.

Since its entry onto Grand Rapids’ Avenue for the Arts in 2012, Craft House has worked to develop exhibitions, educational programming, and collaborative initiatives transcend the possibilities of a traditional art gallery. Now the gallery’s operators – KCAD alumni Amanda Carmer (’14, MFA Photography), Brandon Alman (’10, Printmaking), and Steven Rainey (’05, Printmaking/’14, MFA Printmaking) – are going one step further with The Kitchen, a consignment gallery within Craft House that features artwork by a small, carefully curated selection of Midwestern artists.

The Kitchen inside Craft House GalleryArtwork by Daniel Hojnacki inside The Kitchen at Craft House (credit: Amanda Carmer)

All of the artwork is for sale, yet for Craft House and the artists involved, it’s affordability that’s key, as well as providing an intimate and accessible setting that encourages deeper engagement with the work.

“Patrons view the artwork in a domestic setting and are invited to discuss the artwork over coffee or tea,” says Carmer. “By providing a fine art gallery experience that breaks the traditional model of stark white walls and dry information labels, the Craft House team hopes to make learning about and collecting contemporary artwork more accessible.”

artwork inside the Kitchen at Craft HouseArtwork by Chase Covell inside The Kitchen at Craft House (credit: Amanda Carmer)

artwork by Ethan Ross inside The Kitchen at Craft HouseArtwork by Ethan Ross inside The Kitchen at Craft House (credit: Amanda Carmer)

If the artwork featured in The Kitchen isn’t physically on display at Craft House, it can be seen prominently on the gallery’s website, where visitors can view the work from multiple angles and even purchase it online. No matter where the work is sold, the artist gets 70% of the profit, while Craft House retains the remaining 30%. At Avenue for the Arts' upcoming First Fridays event on March from 6-9pm, Craft House will be featuring a showcase of artwork from the Kitchen.

For now, you can browse artwork that’s currently for sale at crafthousegr.com/kitchen.

Artists interested in selling their work in the Kitchen are encouraged to work with Craft House staff to identify their strongest and most saleable work. Contact [email protected] for more information.