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News Bites: Drawing Student Anthony Cairo Featured in Juried Art Book

Posted March 13, 2014 in News BitesDrawing

Any artist knows that when you’re looking to submit a piece to a publication or gallery with a national audience, you’d better choose your work wisely.

So when junior Drawing student Anthony Cairo was mulling over what work to submit for consideration in the 25th volume of Studio Visit, a prestigious juried art book published by Open Studios Press, he sought the advice of Drawing Program Chair Deb Rockman.

Rockman encouraged Cairo to choose a piece that encapsulated both his process and the ideas he frequently explored in his work. Now, the piece she recommended, “Disconnected,” will be seen by the 2,000-plus subscribers of Studio Visit, joining the work of 150 other artists from around the nation that will be featured in the publication’s forthcoming 25th volume.

"Disconnected," by Anthony Cairo (mixed media on paper, 38"x50")

“Habit and addiction are key themes in my work, and I produce images that reflect on universal addictive habits, whether they be good or negative,” Cairo said. “With “Disconnected,” I made it a commentary on the growing dependency of technology and the addictive habits that can form from overuse of MP3 players, social media, and handheld devices. I was inspired by these addictions in our society and how common they are becoming.”

Since 2008, Studio Visit has given artists a unique platform through which to showcase their work to an audience of professionals throughout the art world, including curators, gallery owners, collectors, and enthusiasts.

For Cairo, who’s committed himself to submitting more work to competitions and galleries as he nears the end of his undergraduate experience, success like this is an inspiring step in the right direction.