News Bites: Fashion Studies Students Join Conversation on Meijer s Fashion Makeover

Posted March 20, 2014 in News Bites, Fashion Studies

KCAD Fashion Studies students recently had an opportunity to weigh in on Meijer’s overhaul of its apparel section, as the regional retail giant is making a serious push to offer the latest, trendiest styles at the lowest prices.

Program Chair Lori Faulkner and a group of her students joined Meijer fashionistas Lynn Hempe and Mariana Keros for an MLive-led live chat session that explored the trends and thought processes behind the retailer’s new fashion direction (read more about what Meijer is doing).

KCAD Fashion Studies students (front) linteracting with Mariana Keros (rear, 2nd from right), Meijer Fashion Consultant, Glenn Reinart (rear, middle) Meijer Merchandise Manager, Lynne Hempe (rear, 2nd from left), Meijer Softlines Group Vice President, and Natalie Morris-Howser (rear, left), Meijer Softlines Director General Manager

The students were keen and curious, questioning Meijer fashion reps about how to design and manufacture clothing for different age demographics, how Meijer selects the designers and manufacturers that they work with, and whether or not the retailer has any plans to partner with big name designers.

The live chat in progress, featuring KCAD Fashion Studies students and fashion industry professionals

It was an eye-opening experience for the students. They were able to interact with Meijer reps from every level of the fashion industry, from designers and consultants to merchandise managers and marketing executives. Apart from asking questions in the online live chat, the students were also able to interact with professionals face-to-face, eating lunch with those present and exploring possible fashion career opportunities right here in West Michigan.

Meijer Fashion Consultant Mariana Keros (far left) answers questions from KCAD Fashion Studies students

Conditions are such that the local fashion industry is poised for growth, and the KCAD Fashion Studies program is making every effort to expose students to professional interactions like this one that put them in an excellent position to participate in that growth. Through these and other experiences, the students are coming to realize that they are in as good a position as anyone to help shape the future of fashion in our region.