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News Bites: Interior Design Students Named Regional Winners in IDEC Design Competition

Posted March 8, 2016 in StudentNews BitesInterior Design

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) Interior Design students Alexandra Pelton and Danielle Rose have been named regional winners in the 2016 Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Student Design Competition. The students were two of only three winners from the Midwest region.

This year’s competition challenged students working individually or on teams of up to three to design a collaborative educational environment that responds to the needs of a community in a specific location in North America. The proposed projects had to combine the educational structure of a vertical studio – a learning environment in which individuals of multiple skill levels work together to solve design problems – with the practice of service learning.

The task necessitated a rigorous research process in which competitors were asked to uncover the community needs of their selected location and design a space that facilitated the addressing of those needs through a shared design process. The final deliverables included a concept statement, location analysis, design elevations, and a breakdown of furniture and color palette choices

Pelton designed an entrepreneurship incubator located in Cincinnati, OH that would focus on women and minorities in the local community looking to grown and/or successfully own a business. She also envisioned the incubator’s close proximity to the University of Cincinnati, which would allow for engagement between community members and university faculty and students.  

design by Interior Design student Alexandra Pelton(above and below): Alexandra Pelton's submission (click to enlarge)

design by Interior Design student Alexandra Pelton

The actual interior design of the space reflects a strong focus on collaboration, featuring a number of shared workspaces, idea paint walls, and a massive Bluescape touchscreen computer. The design also places emphasis on sustainability, making use of locally sourced wood, furniture and carpet made with recycled content, integrated natural plants, and energy efficient lighting.

Rose designed a collaborative workspace in San Francisco, CA that would bring students from San Francisco State University, city officials, and local professionals together to work towards solving the city’s issues with providing affordable house for low-income residents.

design by Interior Design student Danielle Rose(above and below): Danielle Rose's submission (click to enlarge)

design by Interior Design student Danielle Rose

The space itself is designed to facilitate collaboration between diverse groups, featuring open workspaces and flexible furniture elements to support both formal presentations and organic design charrettes. Rose also emphasized sustainability in her design, incorporating repurposed plywood, energy efficient LED lighting, and recycled content textiles.

Both students will now advance to the national level of the competition, held during the IDEC Conference in Portland, OR from March 9-12. The national winner will be announced on March 12.

To learn more about KCAD’s Interior Design program, visit kcad.edu/interiordesign.

To learn more about the IDEC Student Competition, click here.