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News Bites: KCAD Clay Collective Learnin’ and Burnin’ at Ox-Bow Wood-fire Workshop

Posted May 22, 2014 in News BitesSculpture and Functional Art

The KCAD Clay Collective (KCC) recently participated in its 9th Wood-fire clay workshop at Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, MI. The four-day workshop, entitled “Learnin' and Burnin,’” had KCC members working hands-on wood firing ceramic art and interacting with visiting professionals, all while exploring the question ‘what is success?’.

KCC member Salvador Jiménez readies some pieces for firing

In addition to loading and firing ceramic art in Ox-Bow’s wood kiln, students sat in on demonstrations and lectures by the visiting artists Jason Burnett, working ceramicist and author of the forthcoming Graphic Clay, and Margaret Bohls, a ceramicist who teaches at the University of Nebraska. Burnett and Bohls also sat down with each student and individually critiqued their work.

KCC members adding fuel to the fire

KCAD Sculpture and Functional Art professor Israel Davis, who advises the KCC and leads each excursion to Ox-Bow, also did some collaborative work with Burnett and Bohls as part of demonstrations to the students. Davis will be included in Graphic Clay, and also assisted Burnett as the book’s technical editor.

Some of the workshop's finished pieces

“I would have to say the event was a major success – it always solidifies the community of students and participants interested in clay as point of entry into a creative lifestyle,” said Davis. “Everyone, including myself, is now charged with energy to continue to explore the possibilities of clay, art making, and a trajectory as artists.”

Led by Davis, the KCC learns a lot at Ox-Bow and never fails to have fun