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News Bites: KCAD Community Members Head to Detroit for National Printmaking Conference

Posted October 2, 2014 in News BitesDrawingPrintmaking

Faculty, staff, and students from the Printmaking and Drawing programs recently traveled to Detroit to participate in the MidAmerica Print Council, a national printmaking conference hosted at Wayne State University.

Mid America Print CouncilHaving fun at the Mid America Print Council

Alum Steven Rainey (‘05, Printmaking) presented a demonstration entitled “Fresh Screenprinting.” Professors Mariel Versluis and Danielle Wyckoff followed with a presentation, entitled “Collective Pressure: Mobility as Maker; Makers as Mobilizers,” in which they used the context of Grand Rapids to discuss the power of art in the public to revitalize neighborhoods and to empower students.

Mid America Print CouncilScreeprinting in action

On the second day of the conference, KCAD students hosted and participated in an event called Collective Pressure: Mobility as Maker, which involved conveyor-belt relief printing and assembly-line screenprinting. The event featured a participatory and communal atmosphere to engage conference attendees in the creative act and in dialogue about art-making, Detroit, and KCAD. In all, 14 undergraduate and graduate students participated.

Participants from KCAD included:


Allan Durham, Claire Lea, Kayla Karaczewski, Madison May, Alex Orlowski, Jenna Para, Whitney Ruhlman, and Tut Thol


Eana Agopian, Amanda Berry, Emily Cobb, Xiaolong Fang, Bohan Li, Deb Mattson, Huaming Wang


Steven Rainey and Roxanne Shea

Faculty and Staff:

Cindi Ford, Anthony Mead, Olivia Timmons, Mariel Versluis, Anne Wassmann, Danielle Wyckoff

For more information on the MidAmerica Print Council, visit midamericaprintcouncil.org.