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News Bites: KCAD Students Place in Top 25 of International Animation Competition

Posted October 30, 2015 in News BitesDigital Art and DesignIllustration

A team of students from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) recently finished 22nd out of 100 teams in the 13th annual 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students.

Using only the prompt “Imagine if technology was introduced at the dawn of time,” the team of Illustration student Stephanie Zwart and Digital Media students Kelli Kireta, Josh Workman, James Driessche, and Chloe Stewart were given only 24 hours to create a finished 30 second animation, complete with color and sound.

(back row, left to right): Joshua Workman, James Driessche, and Stephanie Zwart; (front row, left to right): Kelli Kireta and Chloe Stewart

The resulting animation, titled “Dance Dance Evolution,” is based on a pair of cavemen confronted by a robot that has traveled back in time to teach them how to make fire. A panel of judges that included professionals from Dreamworks, Rockstar Games, Shadow Machine, and Film Roman evaluated each team’s animation.

Click through to watch the students' animation

Workman stressed the importance of getting involved in opportunities like this that take place outside the KCAD environment.

“You learn how to work with others on these projects, how to divide up the work,” he said. “We were kind of working in a production setting and that was a really great experience. The other aspect of that was just seeing what you can do in such a limited time. The real test is how fast you can come up with ideas and how you can make them work. In the real world, working with deadlines and stuff, it’s always good to learn how to do things quickly and still have a good product.”

The 24 HOURS Animation Challenge is the brainchild of Aubry Mintz, a professor at California State University Long Beach. Now in its eighth year, the competition drew participation from 24 different college and universities from around the world.

For Workman and his fellow KCAD students, the most rewarding part of the experience was being able to create the video together. “That was something we got out of it too, being able to work with friends and have a good time,” said Workman. “It’s just a lot of fun and it’s a great learning experience, and it’s always nice to represent KCAD as well.”