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News Bites: Klise Manufacturing Creates New Products From KCAD Student Designs

Posted April 29, 2014 in News BitesFurniture DesignInterior Design

Klise Manufacturing, the Grand Rapids-based producer of decorative moulding and metalwork, has created new custom lineal wood and wire mesh products from designs originally envisioned, drawn and submitted by KCAD Interior Design and Furniture Design students in the second annual Klise sponsored KCAD student design competition.

Earning top honors in the competition was the team of Stacy Folker (Furniture) and Chelsea McBurney (Interiors), who worked with the Hollywood Regency style. Their project included a custom-designed chair rail accent moulding that Klise will now manufacture using a variety of hardwood species including hard maple (shown below), walnut, and mahogany.

student competition designs (Above) - Folker and McBurney's Hollywood Regency design, including a sketch of their custom-designed chair rail accent moulding. (Below) - The chair rail accent moulding as produced by Klise (click to enlarge)

The second place team, Kyle Kulchar (Furniture) and Courtney Wierzbicki (Interiors), worked with the Neoclassical style. The original cabinet grillework they included in their design will now be featured on one of Kilse’s custom carved lineal door mouldings.

student competition designs (Above) - Kulchar and Wierzbicki's Neoclassical design, including a sketch of their custom designed cabinet grillework. (Below) - The cabinet grillework as produced by Klise (click to enlarge)

According to Klise National Sales Manager Phil Tomasello,  “A custom Neoclassical style wire mesh grille will offer interior designers greater options for adding formal sensibility and sophistication to cabinetry in a room, while a Hollywood Regency style chair rail or accent moulding will help create a fun, whimsical charm within any interior space. I’m confident that both of these custom designs can provide creative inspiration to help transform the interiors of homes, hotels and restaurants.”

The second annual competition paired Furniture Design students with Interior Design students and challenged the teams to create an original room design for a large hotel suite.

“The creative designs submitted by these Interior and Furniture Design students were truly inspirational,” said Tomasello. “The competition was a great success for everyone involved and I’m grateful for the strong partnership Klise has with KCAD.”