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News Bites: MFA Student Featured in Detroit Exhibition

Posted April 9, 2014 in News BitesMaster of Fine Arts

MFA Painting student AJ Cooke is currently being featured in VISUALIZING DATA: The Art of Information, an exhibition at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design’s Work: Detroit gallery.

VISUALIZING DATA is an artistic interpretation of signs, symbols, and statistical data. All of the works on display recognize and reconstruct the representation of information we interact with on a daily basis. Cooke says that her entry in the exhibition, a painting entitled Samples, contrasts the process of human nature with a method of constraints that are created and accepted within the world.

"Samples" by AJ Cooke

“The visual slippage that occurs examines how we organize information into structures, while also observing the organic systems or patterns of biology that already exists in humans, such as hair, skin, and cells.”

The curator of VISUALIZING DATA, Jeanne Hunter-Moore, drew inspiration from the work of German scientist and author Dr. Fritz Khan, who developed a series of graphic illustrations related to the inner workings of humans during the 1920’s. Considered by many to be an information graphics pioneer, Khan used photo-collage, painting, and drawing to produce narrative and instructive images.

Viewers examine one of the pieces in VISUALIZING DATA: The Art of Information (credit: AJ Cooke) (click to enlarge)

In her curatorial statement, Hunter-Moore wrote that like Khan, “the artists featured in VISUALIZING DATA decipher their chosen subjects via both aesthetic and scientific means, paring them down and reconstructing them, creating sublime compositions that reflect not only concrete data, but also transcendent vision.”

Viewers inside Work: Detroit gallery take in the exhibition (credit: AJ Cooke) (click to enlarge)

VISUALIZING DATA: The Art of Information is on view through April 25.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.