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News Bites: Printmaking Class Collaborates on Window Design for Woosah Outfitters

Posted January 21, 2016 in StudentAlumniNews BitesPrintmaking

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) Printmaking Professor and Program Chair Mariel Versluis had students in her Relief Printmaking class finish off their fall semester in style with a project gave them the opportunity to enliven the storefront of a local KCAD alum-owned business.

The class worked together to create large-scale prints to form an elaborate window display for Woosah Outfitters, a local print and apparel shop owned by KCAD alumna Erica Lang (’14 Printmaking) and located the Avenue for the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids.

Versluis and students Abby Bedford, Ali Degelbeck, Eric Tracy, James Broe, Jeen Na, Josh Williamson, Kaylee VanTuinen, Kella Marnon, Loni Platte, Molly Duff, Paulina Payment, and Yuko Enos created several woodcuts that were then printed on paper and fabric to be displayed in Woosah’s large front windows. The result of the work was an underwater scene complete with hairy fish, an iceberg, and a three-dimensional sun, among other fun details.

Printmaking class project at Woosah Outfitters

Printmaking class project at Woosah Outfitters

Printmaking class project at Woosah Outfitters

See the finished window display for yourself by visiting Woosah Outfitters at 131 S. Division.

For more information on Woosah Outfitters, visit spreadingthewoosah.com.