News Bites: Winners Announced in Window Wonderland 2014

Posted December 10, 2014 in Public, News Bites

Window-shopping has taken on a whole new meaning in downtown Grand Rapids this holiday season.

Thanks to a continuing collaboration between KCAD and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI), the second annual Window Wonderland competition again transformed the storefronts of local businesses into dazzling displays of creativity. This year’s competition featured exclusively KCAD students – 100 of them to be exact – who made the most of this opportunity to showcase their talent in a way that also helped enliven their community.

The team of Alexia Barreiro, Alexa Stanton, Colleen Bruce, and Karlyn Osborn won first place and $1,000 for their design at Cheeky Strut Salon and Spa:

KCAD student design at Cheeky Strut Salon and Spa1st place design at Cheeky Strut Salon and Spa

Second place and $700 went to the team of Amanda Burns and Danielle Obenauf, who worked with OneStop Coney Shop:

KCAD student design at OneStop Coney Shop2nd place design at OneStop Coney Shop

Third place and $500 was awarded to the team of Allison Cornwell and Kelsey Ballast for their design at Taco Bob’s:

KCAD student design at Taco Bob's3rd place design at Taco Bob's

The team of Chelsea Sawallich and Margaret Farrell were given $250 and an Honorable Mention nod for their work at Renee Austin Wedding:

KCAD student design at Renee Austin WeddingHonorable Mention design at Renee Austin Wedding

A total of 40 businesses participated in Window Wonderland 2014, nearly double the 21 that signed up to be a part of the inaugural event last year. Organizers from both KCAD and DGRI continue to celebrate the way the competition reflects the creative vibrancy of downtown Grand Rapids while also invigorating the city’s retail core and helping to drive future economic growth.

So congratulations to the winners, and a huge thank-you to all of the students and businesses that participated this year! KCAD is already looking forward to making an even bigger impact with Window Wonderland 2015!