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Powerful Visual Storytelling from Students, Alumni Steals the Show in 2017 West Michigan ADDY Awards

Posted March 30, 2017 in StudentAlumniGraphic Design

Success in the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan ADDY Awards has become something of an annual tradition for Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD).

Students and alumni of the college routinely capture the attention of ADDY judges at the regional level with work that goes above and beyond the contemporary standards of the advertising industry, and 2017 was no different. KCAD students took home an astounding 53 of the 62 student awards given out, while 42 of the 58 professional awards went to KCAD alumni or to ad agencies/organizations where KCAD alumni are currently working.

“My colleagues and I congratulate these students on their resounding success in this year’s West Michigan ADDY Awards,” said Associate Professor and Graphic Design Program Chair Joan Sechrist. “It reaffirms what we know to be true from observing their work around campus: they are skilled storytellers, more than capable of carrying on KCAD’s rich tradition of excellence in visual communication.”

One of the event’s brightest spotlights shone on Graphic Design student Madison Bracken (faculty: Karen Johnson-Greiner), who took home the Student Best in Show award and a Gold ADDY Award for his “Elsewhere” magazine.

work by Madison Bracken(above and below): Spreads from Madison Bracken's "Elsewhere" magazine (image courtesy of Madison Bracken) 

work by Madison Bracken

Other big winners included Graphic Design students Colleen Bruce (faculty: Karen Johnson-Greiner) and Laura Meekhof (faculty: not listed), who each took home one of the three Judges’ Choice Awards that were given out in the Student category. Bruce was honored for her interactive print publication “Tales of the Script,” while Meekhof won with her publication “ABC Book of Designers’ Confessions.” Both students also received Gold ADDY awards for their work.

work from Colleen Bruce(above): Spread from Colleen Bruce's interactive print publication "Tales from the Script" (image courtesy of Colleen Bruce); (below): Covers of Laura Meekhof's publication "ABC Book of Designers' Confessions" (image courtesy of Laura Meekhof)

work by Laura Meekhof

A number of Graphic Design students, listed below, also won awards for their work.  


*Jessica Leng/Zac Sturgeon (faculty: not listed) – Film/Video/Sound, “The Loch Coffee Co.”

*This piece was entered into and won a Gold ADDY award in the professional category, as aspects of it were completed outside of class.

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: John Koziatek) – Sales Promotion, “Kikkoman Soy Sauce Packet”

work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura) 

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: Jason Alger) – Apps, “IPPIN Cooking App”

work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura) 

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: John Koziatek) – Visual, “Kikkoman USA Brand Identity Refresh”


work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura) 



Brad Kautz (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Art Direction, “FIFA 2018 Illustration”

work by Brad Kautz(image courtesy of Brad Kautz)

Nhat Truong Lam (faculty: John Steiner) – Magazine Advertising, “Night of the Radishes”

work by Nhat Truong Lam(image courtesy of Nhat Truong Lam) 

Alyssa Zick (faculty: John Koziatek) – Logo, “Eno Logo”

work by Alyssa Zick(image courtesy of Alyssa Zick) 

Alyssa Zick (faculty: John Koziatek) – Visual, “Eno Rebrand”

work by Alyssa Zick (image courtesy of Alyssa Zick) 



Madison Bracken (faculty: John Koziatek/Angela Dow) – Integrated Branding Campaign, “O’Neill Integrated Branding Campaign”

work by Madison Bracken(image courtesy of Madison Bracken) 

Breanne Buckbee (faculty: Karen Johnson-Greiner) – Publication Design, “Human Connections”

work from Breanne Buckbee(image courtesy of Breanne Buckbee) 

Breanne Buckbee (faculty: John Koziatek) – Visual, “Men+”

work by Breanne Buckbee(image couresty of Breanne Buckbee)

Breanne Buckbee (faculty: Angela Dow) – Magazine Advertising, “Sincerely, USPS Consumer Full Ad Campaign”

work by Breanne Buckbee(image courtesy of Breanne Buckbee)

Ricky Choulramountry (faculty: John Koziatek) – Magazine Advertising, “Schwinn Rebrand Poster”

work by Ricky Choulramountry(image courtesy of Ricky Choulramountry)

Hannah Dowell (faculty: Joan Sechrist/Angela Dow) – Magazine Advertising. “Iditarod Ad Campaign Consumer Magazine Full-Page Ad Campaign”

work by Hannah Dowell(image courtesy of Hannah Dowell) 

Hannah Dowell (faculty: John Koziatek) – Integrated Branding Campaign, “National Park Service Integrated Brand Campaign”

work by Hannah Dowell(image courtesy of Hannah Dowell) 

Michaela Elderkin (faculty: Chris Fox) – Ambient Media, “Villains & Heroes of Connectedness”

Michaela Elderkin (faculty: Angela Dow) – Magazine Advertising, “Women Can CAT Footwear Consumer Magazine Full-Page Ad Campaign”

work by Michaela Elderkin(image courtesy of Michaela Elderkin) 

Kacie Forbes (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Sales Promotion, “Mu Strawberry Milk”

Jonaca Lynn Hudson (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Magazine Advertising, “Ju Sushi Ad Campaign”

work by Jonaca Lynn Hudson(image courtesy of Jonaca Lynn Hudson) 

Brad Kautz (faculty: Angela Dow) – Magazine Advertising, “Hot Wheels Ride on Together Consumer Magazine Full-Page Ad Campaign”

work by Brad Kautz(image courtesy of Brad Kautz)

Samantha Kniat (faculty: Karen Johnson-Greiner) – “Flutter Publication”

work by Samantha Kniat(image courtesy of Samantha Kniat)

Samantha Kniat (faculty: Christopher Fredericks/Angela Dow) – Integrated Branding Campaign, “Miracle Gro Rebrand Integrated Branding Campaign”

work by Samantha Kniat(image courtesy of Samantha Kniat)

Jackie Karevich (faculty: John Koziatek) – Visual, “Boys and Girls Club of America ID”

work by Jackie Karevich(image courtesy of Jackie Karevich)

Nhat Truong Lam (faculty: Christopher Fredricks) – Visual, “EA Games Rebrand”

Jessica Leng/Zac Sturgeon (faculty: not listed) – Logo, “The Loch Coffee Co.”

Jessica Leng/Zac Sturgeon (faculty: not listed) – Visual, “The Loch Coffee Co.”

Hayley Lerg (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Package Design, “Askinosie Chocolate Campaign”

Laura Meekhof (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Apps, “Baxter Boo Integrated Campaign”

work by Laura Meekhof(image courtesy of Laura Meekhof)

Mary Nowels (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Collateral Material, “A Better Way”

work by Mary Nowels(image courtesy of Mary Nowels)

Sydney Olenik (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Package Design, “Brewin’ Iced Coffee”

Olivia Mizner (faculty: Angela Dow) – Integrated Brand Campaign, “Tropical Smoothie Café Integrated Brand Campaign”

work by Olivia Mizner(image courtesy of Olivia Mizner)

Delena Perez (faculty: John Koziatek) – Logo, “Gita Pita Logo Redesign”

work by Delena Perez (image courtesy of Delena Perez) 

Delena Perez (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Package Design, “Star Wars DVD Special Edition Box”

work by Delena Perez(image courtesy of Delena Perez)

Veronica Peterson (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Film/Video/Sound, “Celebrating 35 Years of the Pill”

work by Veronica Peterson(image courtesy of Veronica Peterson)

Veronica Peterson (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Social Media, “Planned Parenthood Pill Instagram”

Rebecca Rapin (faculty: Chris Fox) – Ambient Media, “Deceptive Labeling”

Rebecca Rapin (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Apps, “S’well Integrated Campaign”

Amy Schafer (faculty: John Koziatek) – Magazine Advertising, “Maxwell House What’s Brewing”

work by Amy Schafer(image courtesy of Amy Schafer)

Jenna Simmons (faculty: Jason Alger) – Visual, “Citify”

Jenna Simmons (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Apps, “Emirates ‘Enjoy’ Campaign”

Alexandra Smith (faculty: Christopher Fredericks) – Magazine Advertising, “Planetary Society Ad Campaign”

Alexandra Smith (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Magazine Advertising, “Rustoleum Spray Paint Ad”

Brad Stone (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Magazine Advertising, “Oculus: Reality is Reality”

work by Brad Stone(image courtesy of Brad Stone)

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: John Koziatek) – Magazine Advertising, “Kikkoman Magazine Ads”

work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura)

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: Angela Dow) – Magazine Advertising, “SHISEIDO Advertising Campaign Consumer Magazine Full-Page Ad Campaign”

work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura) 

Sakino Tomiura (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Sales Promotion, “VOYAGER Skincare Products”

work by Sakino Tomiura(image courtesy of Sakino Tomiura) 

Jessica Waite (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Magazine Advertising, “CokeEco Brand Extension”

work by Jessica Waite(image courtesy of Jessica Waite)

Jessica Waite (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Direct Marketing, “Wicked Lenticular Mailout”

work by Jessica Waite(image courtesy of Jessica Waite)

Koko Watanabe (faculty: Joan Sechrist) – Visual, “JAFAX Integrated Advertising Campaign”

work by Koko Watanabe(image courtesy of Koko Watanabe)

Miao Zhang (faculty: Ron Riksen) – Collateral Material, “Complete Skin Set”


Alumna Tammy Myers (‘07, BFA Graphic Design) won a Judges’ Choice Award in the Professional category and two Gold ADDYs for “Forgotten Fighters,” an ad campaign promoting breast cancer awareness via advanced screening for younger women. It was a deeply personal campaign for Myers, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Currently working as a freelance art director and photographer, Myers developed and implemented the campaign independently.

Extra Credit Projects, a local firm started by alumnus Rob Jackson (’89, BFA Illustration), took home the most awards in the professional category with nine. Meijer, which employs several KCAD alumni on its in-house design team, came in a close second with eight awards.

Other winning firms/organizations with KCAD alumni connections included Aisle Rocket Studios, Fairly Painless Advertising, Full Circle Marketing and Design, Gravity Alliance, Grey Matter Group, Our Full Attention, The Image Group, and Wit & Craft.

“We are proud to see so many KCAD alumni who are deeply embedded in the West Michigan advertising industry, creating meaningful work that speaks to the power of design to engage people, communicate powerful ideas, and inspire positive change,” said Graphic Design Professor and Interim Dean of the College Ron Riksen. “KCAD congratulates these outstanding alumni on their success in this year’s West Michigan ADDY Awards.”

All of the student and professional entries that won Gold ADDY awards will now move on to the district level of the competition by default. Silver ADDY award winners can move on to the district level via entry fee.

Learn more about KCAD’s Graphic Design program at kcad.edu/graphicdesign.