Senior Holds First Solo Exhibition

Posted August 9, 2010

Photography major Hunter Bridwell is holding his debut solo exhibition at the Division Avenue Arts Collective, 115 S. Division Avenue in Grand Rapids.

Bridwell channeled grief from his mother's May 2009 death into an ongoing project entitled "Because All Colors Will Change," which documents the people, places and things essential to his healing process. The exhibition contains 14 photographs from this series, and is showing through August.

The images feature faces and places familiar to Bridwell, including his closest friend and Rockford's White Pine Trail. Bridwell also played with various textures, angles and developing techniques in his effort to communicate gratitude and hope.

"These pieces were me, in the moments, really appreciating these people and places that calmed me down, made me solid again," Bridwell said of the photographs, which originated as material for his Senior Thesis.

"I took 120 film and purposely exposed it to light," Bridwell explained. "This conceptually speaks to the haphazardness of life. We think of a picture as being pristine, but, like life, it never really works out the way you intended."