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SFA Team Earns High Scores for ‚??19 Holes‚?Ě Entry

Posted April 4, 2011 in StudentFacultyPublic

In a game where the objective is to score low, the Kendall Sculpture and Functional Art program scored big by winning the Curator‚??s Choice Award with their innovative entries in UICA‚??s 19 Holes.

Held at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts during the month of March, 19 Holes is a mini-golf course designed by artists that featured 19 extreme and inventive holes that took over UICA‚??s entire building at 41 Sheldon Boulevard‚??two full floors plus walls, windows and ceilings.

The SFA team won for their upside-down hole, ‚??Blue Greens,‚?Ě which was built with ‚??grass‚?Ě on the ceiling, dangling flag pins, and a cloud-filled sky on the ground. And adjunct professor Nate Lareau won The People's Choice Award for his hole, "Tone It Down!"

19 Holes award winners: (left to right) Assistant Professor Bob Marsh, senior Kari Thurman, Program Chair and Assistant Professor Sam Blanchard, Adjunct Professor Nate Lareau, senior Ryan Donovan