Spring Break in New Orleans

Posted April 12, 2010

This past March a group of eight Kendall Students made their way to the city of New Orleans as part of an Alternative Spring Break trip. While there, they stayed with the organization Camp Hope. Housed in what was a middle school prior to Hurricane Katrina and located less then a mile from the lower ninth ward, Camp Hope is now one of the nation ??s largest volunteer base camps. Organizations such as Americorps and Habitat for Humanity utilize Camp Hope for affordable meals and housing while they volunteer their time in the city.

Kendall students Ellen Branz, Blair Jeffers, Kyle Faulds, Alicia Magnuson, Melissa Meiller, Michelle Moon, Kristi Pitsch, and Angela Tidball helped plant more than 3,000 trees, a natural barrier for tropical storms, in the wetlands. They helped restore a building damaged by Hurricane Katrina, which will become additional housing at Camp Hope, and also worked on the restoration of a baseball field for George Washington Carver High School. This high school is located within the city of New Orleans, and like many inner city schools, lacks the funding for sports and extra-curricular activities. The baseball field had been completely destroyed during the storm, and the team had not been able to play on their baseball field in five years.

Class instructor Elizabeth Hawkins noted, ??This group of Kendall students worked exceptionally hard during the week. They came together as a team and supported each other in ways that were awesome to witness. I am extremely proud of these students and the work they did. I received several comments from Camp Hope staff that often volunteers are not necessarily dedicated to the task at hand, but our students really rose to the occasion. I ??m so pleased with the work they did. ?

Upon returning to Kendall, the students created artwork inspirited by their experiences during the Alternative Spring Break. It will be displayed in the Kendall Pace Gallery from April 5-21, 2010.