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Students‚?? Billboards to Appear on WOODTV8

Posted April 21, 2010 in PublicStudentStudentPublic

It is expected that very soon Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will sign into law a bill that prohibits texting while driving.

Professor Ron Riksen knows all too well that college students are attached to their cell phones. ‚??When I asked students in my Introduction to Graphic Design class how many of them text while driving, nearly 75 percent raised their hands. I knew this was an issue that we could address in class.‚?Ě

Riksen had his 30 students create billboards with the message, ‚??Don‚??t Text and Drive.‚?Ě The billboards caught the attention of WOODTV8, and will air in a story at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

Freshmen Jessica Hook and Ashley Miller were two of the students who created billboards for the assignment. Jessica‚??s message, ‚??Don‚??t Drive Intexticated,‚?Ě compares the distraction of texting to the impairment that is similar to drunk driving. Ashley‚??s message, ‚??TEXT UR BFF GBYE,‚?Ě came from her realization that no text message is as important as the possibility of losing a friend to distracted driving.

Both girls confess to texting while driving, and realize that the practice decreased their driving skills. Both, too, have made a concentrated effort to stop texting and to focus on better driving instead.

Said Ricksen, ‚??This is a project I would have never dreamed of even five years ago, but it is an issue that drivers need to be aware of. Hopefully a corporation will donate some billboard space and some of this student work will actually help save a life.‚?Ě