Students Create Curriculum with GRAM

Posted April 9, 2010

Teaching students how to create quality curriculum for the 21st century is an integral component in Kendall ??s Art Education program. An exciting collaboration has begun between Kendall ??s Art Education class (KCED 320) and the Grand Rapids Art Museum, which will provide Kendall students with real-world opportunities to write curriculum that will be used by the GRAM for their tours and workshops.

To develop curriculum, Kendall students privately toured the GRAM gallery and interviewed Jon Carfagno and Miranda Krajniak from the GRAM educational team. The students then designed lessons that incorporated the four tiers of a quality curriculum to be used in the GRAM ??s tours and workshops. The first two tiers included art standards and integrated standards from other disciplines. These tiers help students see, question and produce artwork by connecting educational alloys. The third and fourth tiers provide diversification for learning by honoring different multiple intelligences and differing learning styles. The museum will launch these lessons in the fall of 2010.

Instructed by Donna St. John, KCED 320 introduces the components of K-12 curriculum design. Students become familiar with the human brain and how it creates, learns and retains information.